Why XMdocs?

Global trade is built on communication and strong networks. Communicating effectively and relaying information accurately is every teams priority. Freight forwarders are responsible for the important task of moving cargo around the world and connecting commerce one trade at a time.

Modern forwarders leverage technology

Technology paves a clear advantage in scaling your forwarding business and supplying great service.

Networked companies win

Trading partners are plagued with siloed systems that create friction in commerce. XMdocs allows companies to achieve cohesion in their global trade network.

Collaboration creates coherence

Global trade is a language spoken between trading parties through trust and documentation. XMdocs puts everyone on the same page.

Fluid operations matter

Timely execution and accurate information fuel an efficient supply chain. XMdocs cuts down on transaction tasks so your team can focus growing your business.

Strategy fuels growth

Consulting your customers and executing effective strategies are the core of healthy organizations.

Real-time data keeps everyone on the same page

XMdocs is a window into the economic activity of your organization. Make educated decisions with metrics that tell the truth.